Do you have a pest issue? Have no fear, were here to help! At Jacksonville Exterminator Near Me, we make it easy to find an expert you can rely on. Our team here at Jacksonville Exterminator Near Me is pleased to help those that live in Jacksonville. We will reach out with trusted professionals close to you. We have pest control companies on call, who you know can help before you even hang up the phone.

Services We Are Able to Provide

When you have pests, the last thing you should be worried about is searching through online listings. We will work hard to get you in touch with someone who is qualified to work with the particular pests causing you issues. Some of the certain pests we can find you help for are roaches, rats, ants, termites, and more.

Cockroaches Are Harmful To You and Your Home

Invasive cockroaches are a regular pest that take advantage of your home. The largest reason we want to limit the spread of roaches as soon as possible is because they can spread disease. Just looking at cockroaches is enough to freak you out.

On top of making your home feel gross, roaches can contaminate the air by leaving droppings in every corner of your home. This can be dangerous because it is possible that roaches trigger allergic reactions in children and adults. They also may eat your food, which may leave you sick.

Ants Are Complicated To Get Rid Of

Most homeowners really do not know that there are some types of ants that can cause the same amount of damage as termites. Like termites, carpenter ants can cause all kinds of damage to the your homes wood structures. Because they dont eat the wood, carpenter ants cause damage when they tunnel through. These ants are a problem since they can be hidden in all the walls and other wood surfaces making them hard to find.

All types of ants are capable of biting, with their mandibles and their mouth to puncture the skin if they feel threatened. These bites, while uncomfortable, are usually not a serious problem unless the bite is not cared for and cleaned. Ants are also a good food source for other pests, meaning other pests may enter your home to live off the ants in your home.

Rodents in Your Home Can Be Destructive

Different kinds of rodents can give diseases that can be deadly to humans to contract. Have you heard of the Black Plague and the sickness and death associated with it? The Europeans had rats to thank for that terrible mess. Diseases that rodents carry are common in other parts of the world, but that doesnt mean you want these little guys in your home.

Rats and mice will eat almost anything whatsoever they can get their paws on. They can use their little teeth to nibble down to insulation, wallboards, cardboard, and even wood. Mice can as well get into electrical wires in your home. Mice and rats exposing electrical wiring are to blame for 25% of house fires in the United States.

Only Two Species Of Spiders Are Hurtful

Believe it or not, spiders can provide help more than hurt inside your home. Most critters eat up to 2,000 insects per year, that means other insects stay out of your sight. They go face-to-face with other spiders, helping to fend off a larger spider infestation taking over your house.

Spiders can bite you though, and their bites can make a spot on your skin that can hurt. Fortunately only two species in the US are toxic. Even though, spiders leave behind cobwebs which leave a very ugly appearance.

Only Two Kinds Of Scorpions Can Kill

Its a moderately common misconception that scorpions strictly live in the wilderness or near construction sites. Scorpions can pop up almost anywhere, as well as your place of residence. Only one type of scorpion in the United States possess the ability to kill humans, but their stings are still torture.

If you find yourself dealing with scorpions, its a good idea to find an exterminator who is trained to handle scorpions. This is a result of scorpions being incredibly tough and they do not respond to pesticides the way other bugs do. We are able to locate an exterminator who has specific methods for spraying scorpions.

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